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My medication generally keeps the depression at bay, but some days, less so.  For example, the other day I drove to work jamming out to Katy Perry (yes, I am a dude that loves Katy Perry).  I had a really great day.  I felt energetic, creative, and the positive vibes were flowing.  Then, I woke up this morning feeling the cold, wet, blanket of depression weighing me down.  Not I-want-to-die bad, but more like a low grade life-fucking sucks-and-why-do-I-feel-this-way, kind of blues.

If depression was a roller coaster ride, and it is, it’d be called “The Most Unamusing Amusement Ride Ever.”  I savor the really good days because they are few and far between.  I even savor the days I feel merely “fine” because I know a not-so-fine day is out there on the horizon somewhere, and it’s inevitably going to roll in like a storm that cannot be fought, but merely endured.  It’s exhausting, this.

Here’s to more good days then bad.  Fair winds and following seas my friends.

4 comments on “Good Days and Bad

  1. Here’s to the good days, may they always outweigh the bad.


    1. Sam says:

      Thanks Sara! Take care.

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  2. Only another person with depression can understand how it feels and it’s like you just looked into my brain and repeated my life. Cheers to the great days!!


    1. Sam says:

      Thanks for your commend S&S. It’s interesting how depression makes us feel so alone and isolated, but really, there are millions of us all struggling with the same damn thing. Take care.

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